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Yo shawty, it’s my birthday, I’m gonna party like it’s my birthday…. Nah I’m kidding. It’s still sinking into me that I’ve turned 19, my last teen year. But putting all that aside, these sweet and awesome sauce people came to my house to celebrate my birthday and stayed up till late to spend time with me. Despite yall being so tired and us having back to back birthdays, yall still came down and made my birthday so special. Words can definitely not express how much this means to me. I love you both, from the bottom of my heart and thank you so much for doing this for me. :) Indeed, great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget. Hugs and kisses to @solomanodysseus and @amritarajput for making this day so special for me. Love you guys to the moon and back. :)

Happy 26th birthday to this hamsum ah boy!! You’re the most awesome person I’ve met and definitely you never fail to make me laugh a lot. 4 more years to the big three oh!! Hahahaha!! May you succeed in all your endeavours and once again happy birthday soloman!! Have a blessed birthday today!!

To the most annoying yet adorable brother, happy international siblings day!! Like all siblings, we fight, we argue etc. But at the end of the day, no matter what happens, we still make it up to one another. The happiest moment in my life was when I got to touch your little fingers and feet when you were a baby. I still remember how I use to fake sickness in school so that I can come home and see you. You are indeed the biggest gift to me and I can never ask for more. I’ll always love you, till my very last breath.

#brother #internationalsiblingsday #myfirstlove

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